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Our award-winning and patented ball bearing technology stays off your neck so you do not feel a retainer! Our snag proof design allows for a full range of motion and it’s great for all ages. Cablz are perfect for all glasses and a MUST for sporting activities.

What Makes Cablz Eyewear
Retainers the Best?

Cablz are the FIRST and ONLY eyewear retainers on the market today with patented ball bearing technology.

In short, the ball bearings allow the cable to do what it wants to do which is make a suspended archway or space behind the head (to stay off your neck) without having the unnecessary torque at the cable and rubber interface. The cable can be folded to be put away without being kinked, then it returns back to its intended position by having the freedom to spin inside the rubber attachments.

You Will Never Wear Another Eyewear Retainer

But Don’t Just Take Our WordSee who Else Loves Cablz…

From professional athletes to superstar vloggers, Cablz can be found hanging around the necks of some of the best.
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