Most of us who wear eyeglasses or sunglasses have more than one pair in our collections because eyewear is nothing if not fragile. And when we’re talking about prescription eyewear, losing or damaging your glasses can literally mean losing the ability to see clearly. Thus, having a back-up always close at hand is a must.

Of course, another thing that most of us who wear eyewear have in common is that we consider our eyewear purchases an investment. As a result, we often don’t hesitate to spend a sizable chunk of money for the glasses or sunglasses we want.

But what can be surprising is that most people don’t protect their vision investments by purchasing a simple and affordable piece of equipment that can prevent accidental loss and damage to their valuable (and expensive) eyewear – an eyeglass retainer. In fact, eyeglass retainers are so affordable, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t have at least a couple in your collection.

In this post, we’ll look at why having just one eyeglasses retainer simply isn’t enough.

Different Glasses Retainers for Different Situations

Eyeglasses retainers come in a variety of different styles. This is so users can use the appropriate retainer for the activity that they’re participating in. This choice is important because it helps ensure that your eyewear is protected in the most effective and comfortable way.

For instance, if you are going on a fishing trip where you will be out in a boat, then you will be doing a lot of bending and reaching, usually over the water. Wearing an adjustable retainer is preferred as the retainer can be tightened to keep the glasses secure on your face instead of sliding off your nose and landing in the drink. Or, if your fishing trip involves you casting your line from the shoreline, then wearing a non-adjustable retainer is another option.

Hunters will also appreciate the adjustable retainer, as this type of retainer can be adjusted for a snug fit. This will help reduce the risk of the retainer sliding over clothing and potentially causing a noise that might scare away the prey.

These considerations should be kept in mind with whatever activity you’re enjoying. For situations where you will be more active, an adjustable retainer will probably make the most sense, whereas a non-adjustable retainer is ideal for just about any other type of activity, from mowing the lawn and gardening to taking a seaside drive.

Using Sunglasses Retainers as Fashion and Branding Accessories

Sunglasses retainers also come available in a wide variety of colors, so using one that complements your eyewear frames or the outfit you’re wearing can work as a sort of fashion accessory. While a black or silver retainer will never go out of style because they work well with virtually any type of frame color, some people simply prefer more color in their life. This is why many of Cablz’s retainers are available in over a dozen different colors, color swirls, and camo patterns.

Wearing a retainer of a specific color can also help strengthen a brand’s visibility. For instance, if a natural gas company’s logo is light blue in color, then equipping the company’s workers with light blue sunglasses retainers can help create a uniform appearance that customers will start to associate with the company. With so many colors available, it’s easy to choose the perfect color to compliment just about any corporate logo.

Personalize Your Eyewear Protection

Cablz is a leading manufacturer of eyeglasses retainers because we not only focus on bringing you the latest innovations, like our monofilament rigid straps, Flyz trimmable retainers, Clipz retainers, and mask retainers, but we also give you plenty of options, so you can choose the perfect retainer for any activity.

With our retainers, you can enjoy your passions without worrying about losing your expensive glasses or sunglasses. And with so many colors to pick from, you can easily personalize your retainers.

Each of our high-quality retainers are designed for ultimate comfort and durability. And, they’re so affordable, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have multiple retainers in your collection, so you can always have the right retainer for the job.

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