A fishing trip down the lake is one of the best ways to refresh your soul.

You sit there patiently, listening to the sound of water, and there is nothing more exciting than a good catch. A strange sense of peace fills your heart as you wait in the lap of nature.

Now imagine if you lose your precious shades during the trip. Just as you were pulling the hook or jumping with excitement when you got the fish, your beloved sunglasses swiped across your face and splashed into the water!

Such mishaps can ruin your whole mood. And there is no room for misery when all you wanted were a few good hours in a serene environment.

One must get all the right gear to make fishing a joyful activity. Here, we drive your attention towards one of the most vital tools people often ignore when going angling –  sunglasses straps.


What Are Sunglasses Straps?

Strap for sunglasses, also known as eyewear retainers, provides a safety net for your sunglasses. It is a strip that connects to the arms of the glasses behind your head. You can let your shades hang loose around your neck or secure them on the face by adjusting the glasses strap.

While hiking, fishing, cycling, or running – sunglasses can slip or fall off. So, an eyewear retainer is a fantastic choice if you are into any such sport. Some straps will allow you the flexibility to change their size according to the requirements of the activity. For instance, you can alter the fitting from a casual to a more intense activity or vice versa.

Even if you love to fish, which involves less physical activity as compared to some other sports, you should invest in the best sunglass strap.

Keep reading to learn more about eyewear retainers for fishing.


Why Do You Need Eyewear Retainers for Fishing?

Fishing, unlike other outdoor activities, requires special equipment. One of those is polarized sunglasses. They are uniquely designed so the lenses can reflect the intense sun rays and reduce their overall glare.

As a result, you can see inside the water and spot the fish. It also enhances your navigational abilities and physically protects your sight. The unique construction of these glasses is why they are more expensive compared to normal shades.

You don’t want to lose or scratch your sunglasses. And this is where a sunglass holder strap will come to the rescue. It allows you to move freely as it grips your polarized shades. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding a secure place for your sunglasses every time you take them off.

Even if you wear ordinary glasses, you should consider investing in an eyeglasses strap. You may need to bend a little to peek inside the water or set the hook quickly when the line gets tight. These movements may cause the sunglasses to slide and fall off.


Types of Fishing Sunglass Holder Straps

All types of eyeglass straps do the same task, but there are several features that you should learn about. A few minor differences may impact their use and feasibility.

The primary types of eyewear retainers you can utilize for angling are listed below:

Adjustable Retainers

Adjustable sunglass retainers deliver a secure fit for extreme conditions. A few varieties like the Cablz Zipz adjustable black is available in three silicone end sizes to accommodate different sizes of glasses temples. The best part about these glasses straps is they stay off your neck, allowing a full range of motion and viability for daily use.

Non-adjustable Retainers

As the name suggests, you cannot change the size of non-adjustable retainers. Some users prefer the universal fit as it doesn’t require modifying adjustments. These are lightweight, durable, and widely available.

When looking at these basic categories, you will also find special neck glasses retainer cords. Companies like Cablz offer various types of retainers built with the consumers in mind. Ensure that you get a lightweight and comfortable model that doesn’t hinder during your angling adventures.


What Anglers Need to Look for in a Sunglass Strap?

The material, color, and size can impact your sunglass lanyard usage. Anglers should consider the following factors when searching for the best retainers:

1)   Material

The best eyeglasses straps should be comfortable and practical. These straps are available in silicon, steel, and some other materials. One should be careful when selecting the material because the glasses strap will be touching your ears or head when you have the shades on. So, it is important to keep your allergies in mind (if you have any).

2)   Color

You may be flaunting the photos from your fishing retreat on social media. Even when you aren’t, one has to maintain their looks, right?

You can find straps for men and women in various colors. Get a strap that can easily blend with all outfits. It should also match your personal style and make you feel confident. You can go for discreet, light-colored straps to keep a low profile. If you wish to make a statement, you can also find bright-colored or patterned straps. Whatever color you choose, ensure that it isn’t beyond your comfort zone.

3)   Size

The retainer you choose should be a good fit for your sunglasses. The straps for eyeglasses may vary in their fit. Some are snug on thin frames, and others grip better on thick-framed glasses. When searching for retainers, you should look for anti-slip and high-quality eyeglass holders around the neck.

4)   Adjustability

When going fishing, you can choose an adjustable or non-adjustable strap depending on your preference. Typically, an adjustable eyeglass strap is more practical for outdoor activities. It secures your shades during high-action sports activities and for less physically-draining tasks as well.


Where can Fishermen find the Best Sunglass Straps?

Eyewear retainers are the most overlooked tools for fishing. Remember that a sports glasses strap is the answer to your woes if you are into angling but weary of occasionally losing your shades. Even a single dent on your sunglasses may lead to an expensive repair. So, taking some extra measures is always a smart move.

You may have seen your granddad or a colleague using the straps for reading glasses. But there is a huge variety out there suitable for all uses. They allow you to fit your glasses and keep them from falling off or slipping under different circumstances.

Sunglasses straps for men and women are widely available nowadays. And several brands are working along these lines. You can find the best sunglass straps from Cablz. Our patented ball bearing technology ensures the retainer stays off your neck, so you don’t feel it. Our innovative and user-friendly designs give us a competitive edge over our competitors. Acquiring an eyewear strap from Cablz will help you experience a significant improvement in your fishing experience.


Final Words

Ignoring the need for the straps to hold your glasses can result in lost or broken sunglasses. If you frequently go fishing, you should not waste any time and get your hands on a good one right away.

You will have the option of several sizes and colors. Make sure that you pick a design that is compatible with your shades. An impulsive purchase may lead to a wrong decision, so do your homework well. Go for a retainer that is suitable for your individual needs and “pocket-book friendly”. Good Luck!