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Our Story

Cablz are the FIRST and ONLY eyewear retainers on the market today with patented ball bearing technology

Our Story

In short, the ball bearings allow the cable to do what it wants to do which is make a suspended archway or space behind the head (to stay off your neck) without having the unnecessary torque at the cable and rubber interface. The cable can be folded to be put away without being kinked, then it returns back to its intended position by having the freedom to spin inside the rubber attachments.

Put Cablz on your sunglasses today to see for yourself why this patented technology makes all the difference!

Necessity sparked invention for Ron Williams, an avid outdoorsman and inventor of Cablz eyewear retainers. Williams, who has sold medical devices for more than two decades, was in a hurry when leaving a hospital parking deck one morning. When he turned his head to check for oncoming traffic, his fabric eyewear retainer snagged, knocking his sunglasses across his face. Frustrated, Ron pulled off his sunglasses, retainer and all, and tossed them to the floorboard. They landed in a duffle bag next to a surgical steel cable used to repair complex fractures, then Ron got a bright idea.

Later that day, Ron took the cable and some electrical tape and fashioned the first Cablz prototype. It took more than a little ingenuity to go from electrical tape to rubber attachments that would work with a steel cable.When Ron solved this problem with unique ball bearing interface, Cablz was born.

In 2009, Cablz was a New Product Showcase Winner in the apparel category at ICAST. "We try to design the types of products that fit our customer's needs," says co-owner Holly Williams. "The lightweight 'off the neck' designs is so market disruptive that others are duplicating it. Cablz and its concept truly is "THE NEXT GENERATION" in eyewear retainers".

Ron continues to refine his invention and after the introduction of the Adjustable Cablz Zipz, the response from the retailers and ultimately the consumer has been tremendous. Retailers in all aspects of the sporting world have come to expect and appreciate nothing but the highest quality of product and Cablz is known for innovation and quality. To this day, Ron has obtained several patents and trademarks and continues to refine his invention (U.S. Patents including Nos. 7,467,867; 10,139,649 and RE47,724 E )


  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to apply Cablz to your eyewear for easy application and secure fit, by pushing the Cablz up onto the frame of your glasses 2 to 3 letters of the Cablz logo.
  • Avoid using one set of Cablz on multiple glasses. The rubber ends may split if removed from glasses too many times.