Summer is the best time to make memories.

As Jenny Han, the famous author, says: “Everything good, everything magical happens between June and August.”

Even though other seasons also give us opportunities to make lasting memories, summer has a whole different vibe. It allows for easy-going, laid-back living with loads of fun things to do.

From water sports to hiking endeavors and everything in between, there is a lot you can do – despite the rising temperatures.

But before you start checking items off your bucket list this summer, you should arrange the right gear. And eye protection is the standard preventive measure needed for most outdoor activities. When looking for a fine pair of shades, you shouldn’t overlook the need for eyewear retainers.

This blog features all the summer activities where you need your sunglasses and a strap to hold them.

Protect Your Eyes During Summer Activities

When indulging in outdoor activities, it’s vital to protect your eyes. Harmful UV rays from the harsh summer sun can gradually damage your eyes and increase the risk of muscular degeneration, cataracts, etc.

So, when planning for summer activities, you should also focus on protecting your sight. And sunglasses are the recommended eyewear needed to keep your vision safe.

You don’t want to risk losing your precious shades when occupied by an activity. Don’t forget to get a sunglass holder strap for your sunglasses. A few other perks of using sunglass straps are:

  • Your glasses stay safely secure against your face.
  • It is convenient in casual situations when you have to frequently put on and take off your glasses.
  • The lenses are less likely to get damaged.

7 Summer Activities that Require Eyewear Retainers

Imagine playing football by the beach, inhaling the mystic air of the summer sunset. And suddenly, you realize your previous glasses have fallen off and are damaged.

Likewise, several outdoor activities where you use your shades or prescription glasses require eyeglass straps. Let’s scan a few of them:

1.     Water Sports

If you are crazy about water sports, you may have experienced being on the water without adequate eye protection. After exposure to sunlight, chlorine, and microbes, you will feel blurred vision and discomfort for a while.

The harsh glare makes it impossible to see waves and judge the distance during the water activities. Sunglasses will help you maintain a clear vision, enabling you to take the challenges and ace them.

The chances of sunglasses falling off during these activities are pretty high. But you can secure them with a sunglass retainer. This reduces the chance of them falling off as you move.

As summer approaches and you begin planning your water activities, don’t go out without eye protection. Meanwhile, it would be best if you also analyzed several adjustable eyewear retainers available in the market. Keep one in your sunglasses box, so you don’t have to compromise between your visual safety and fun.

2.     Golf

Your eyes are more sensitive than your skin. It would help if you protected them with polarized sunglasses for golf. Apart from shielding your eyes from the sunlight, they will keep your eyes safe from debris.

A golf game may take over five hours. You have to optimize your comfort to ensure you put on your best show during the whole time.

Choose the glasses that will not slip when you bend. You should also consider anti-slip glasses holders available for both men and women. They enhance your comfort. Also, the glasses won’t roll down your nose every time you move your head.

3.     Beach Volleyball

One step in preparing for beach volleyball is to purchase the proper eyewear. It protects your eyes and keeps the dust particles from blurring your vision.

Moreover, players like to look good when stepping into the sand. This compels them to opt for prescription sports glasses.

However, running, lunging, and diving during the game could lead to dislodged spectacles or broken lenses. It would help if you got a high-quality eyeglasses strap to keep them from slipping off during play.

Keep in mind that a clear vision is essential for volleyball. Whether you use prescription sunglasses or normal shades, a sports glasses strap will protect them from falling off.

4.     Tennis

Tennis is a game that demands instant decisions. You can’t rely on guesswork and assume you know the ball’s direction. Instead, you need a vivid vision that allows you to react within a jiffy and play at your maximum potential.

Your performance may tank if the sun keeps glaring at you. Thus, it would be best to have a pair of sunglasses to ensure you don’t miss a move.

Given that your shades are prone to fall off during the game, you should look for the best sunglasses strap.  If you wear glasses, an adjustable eyeglass strap is a more viable option.  It allows you to secure them against your face by tightening them at the back of your head.

Sometimes, tennis is regarded as a game to play under the clear skies. But don’t let the sunshine kill your buzz. If the forecast shows sunny weather, grab your shades and a neck glasses retainer cord, and you are good to go!

5.     Softball and Baseball

The right pair of baseball or softball sunglasses will protect your eyes and offer plenty of competitive advantages. You must pay attention to the lens shape, clarity, and comfort.

Once you get your hands on that perfect pair of specs, you’d find yourself with a sharpened vision and will be all set to flaunt your mastery at the sport.

Simultaneously, you should find a sports glasses strap. It could be an adjustable or universal fit to keep your glasses from slipping or falling off. You should be looking for a glasses strap that doesn’t loosen up when you jump or plunge for the ball.

6.     Hiking

Hiking is a healthy distraction that allows you to disconnect from the world and give your mind a much-needed break. Everything about hiking is enjoyable, except for long hours under the beating sun. The harmful rays could lead to various sight issues.

You can keep all such hazards at bay by investing in a pair of shades and an eyewear strap. The shades will protect your vision, and the sunglass lanyard protects them from slipping. These eyeglass holders around the neck should be with you as you climb the trail. They will provide a safety net if the glasses fall.

7.     Fishing

If you plan to go fishing during the summer months, you must be equipped with several tools. And polarized sunglasses top the list. They allow you to see inside the water, spot the fish, and protect your eyes.

You feel more relaxed, and the sun doesn’t block your vision if you put on polarized shades while fishing. If not, you will realize that squinting takes up most of your energy, and it gets tough to see. These sunglasses also allow you to see better through the sun’s glare, so your fun isn’t spoiled.

When surveying the market for the best sunglasses for fishing, you should also search for sunglasses straps. These will keep your specs safe and ensure that you focus on finding fish instead of adjusting your shades every few seconds.


Final Words

After evaluating the list of sports above, it is safe to state that eye-protective specs and straps for sunglasses are mandatory for summer sports. These cords are attached to the glasses temple, allowing you to secure your shades.

It isn’t an uphill battle to find a high-quality sunglass holder strap. Make sure that you get them from reliable sellers like Cablz. You will also find a vast range of straps for eyeglasses used for outdoor activities.

All in all, one shouldn’t let the grating heat stop them from having fun. Instead, you should recharge, gear up, and make it a summer to remember!