If you wear any kind of eyewear, having one or more eyeglass retainers can help you enjoy a better experience because these simple straps provide so much value for so little cost. And value is something we are all looking for in today’s day and age, isn’t it?

We want products that help us get the most bang for the buck. In fact, for our hard-earned money, we should expect nothing more from a product and the company that stands behind it. If you haven’t tried wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses retainers, then you might want to start, especially if value is important to you. Here are five reasons why retainers make such excellent investments in your vision.


#1: Glasses Retainers Keep Your Glasses Close at Hand

 Whether you wear sunglasses or eyeglasses with corrective lenses, the most important thing is that your eyewear is always where it’s supposed to be, so you can put them on at a moment’s notice. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than walking into a restaurant and taking off your sunglasses only to accidentally leave them behind when leaving.

By wearing an eyewear retainer, your sunglasses or corrective vision glasses will always be close at hand. If you need to take them off for any reason, they will hang conveniently and comfortably on your chest. When you need to slip them back on, you’ll know exactly where they are, and you won’t ever have to deal with leaving them behind.


#2: Sunglasses Retainers Allow You to Enjoy More Activities

For years those of us who wore glasses or sunglasses often found it difficult to enjoy certain activities because our eyewear was always at risk of falling from our faces. If any type of activity caused us to sweat even just a little, our glasses would start inching down our noses and this constant worry can totally ruin an otherwise fun time.

But this problem can be easily resolved simply by wearing an adjustable sunglasses retainer. This type of retainer allows you to adjust the straps of your retainer, so it can keep your glasses or sunglasses safely where they need to be – on your face. Now, you’ll be able to go to the gym, play sports, go fishing, and enjoy all your favorite activities without worrying about your eyewear getting lost or broken.


#3: Glasses Retainers are the Ultimate Safety Tool

Retainers aren’t just for keeping your prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses in place. They are also ideal for those who wear safety glasses either at work or at home. Safety glasses are essential pieces of safety equipment because they protect one of the body’s most vulnerable parts – the eyes. But they can hardly do their job if they keep sliding down your nose or falling from your face. This is why if you wear safety glasses for any reason, securing your glasses in place with a retainer will help ensure that your eyes aren’t at risk of accidental injury, thus allowing you to concentrate more fully on the task you’re trying to complete.


#4: Eyewear Retainers Protect Your Investment

Prescription eyeglasses and high-quality sunglasses don’t come cheap. Their costs can easily reach into three figuresterritory. But the price is often warranted because you want the very best for your eyes and your vision quality.

Naturally, the last thing you want to have happen is for you to lose or break your expensive eyewear. One way to protect your investment in your vision is to use a retainer whenever you are going to be doing anything where these risks can be heightened.


#5: Retainers are Incredibly Affordable

One of the biggest reasons why retainers are such a great investment is that they are so incredibly affordable.With most retainer models available for under $15, it will practically be impossible to find something else that does so much for such little cost.

The best investment means getting the absolute most value out of every dollar spent. At Cablz, we think our sunglasses retainers are a prime example of this. For such an affordable price, you can enjoy wearing your glasses or sunglasses with little to no worry about losing or breaking them ever again.